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My name is Pierangelo Bonomi, and photography’s been accompanying me for many years. I’ve approached photography mainly to describe nature, which has always fascinated me. Over the years it taught me a lot and I started to use it as expression method. Talking and communicating through this art makes me feel infinitely happy and helps me really feeling myself, without walls or protection. Thanks to this wonderful universe I can talk freely, beating blocks such as shyness, which has always been a part of me since I was born. Even as a child I enjoyed playing with a plastic film camera, then step by step I turned to film SLR Camera and then to digital. In 2007 I decided to take photography more seriously and my approach to cameras has completely changed. Thanks to all of this I have learned to express myself through my shots, something impossible for me to do with words….
I believe the difference between watching and observing is endless; we always stop and watch too much rather than observing more…. When I really started observing I noticed all the beautiful people fate placed on my way, but at the same time I could also discover all the multitude of idiots around me….
Besides taking pictures I also love travelling and learning about new places and people, combining my passion for photography.