About Movement Art

Although I took many dance shoots in the past, I have never published photos. It was a great experience for me, because I think dance is a great art form, but in that pictures there was not neither art nor passion.

The idea to create this section was born during an awsome dancing show. After many years of oblivion, I started taking pictures again and I had the great opportunity of being invited as “not official photographer”. I was very scared because I thought I was not able to have the shooting. I had to fight hard against my fears, but it was worth it.

Even if it was very hard, especially in the beginning, the show was so amazing that I was enraptured by the beauty…. so the photos are only the consequence…

Sometimes you see something that cannot be described, because the words are not enough, some emotions and moments can only be experienced, it is impossible to tell them.

It is very hard catching the perfect moment to shoot the right picture, especially when you are amazed from the show and even a little rusty. Unfortunately, I can show only a very little moment of it but for the experience I lived that small moment is like an eon for me.

I thought the most difficult thing was the lighting conditions, but I was wrong, it was to manage my emotions triggered by the show. I had forgotten how beautiful art was and for this reason I decide to dedicate a section for it…

When you feel that your soul is vibrating strongly you would like that moment to never end.

A special thanks to those who invited me and the dancers.

Thanks for looking and enjoy it.